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Kind people, entrance could be many times higher, and the taste in mouths that washes the belly, would still be food and satisfaction, days after. . . Thanks for 🙏It lingers still? What is great with tinkling inkling light, and the rest. Where dead, purges the very sight of it; Live here forever, in this […]

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Standing by it,the animal heart?And if it could,then torn apart?The way that was made,come, please give the blade.Twist, turn, yeeah, put it all in an urn,at least take something solid in return?Wrapp it in, nice and neatly, yeeah,completly. Fabric from every corner of a stone.Come on, yeeah *yawm*,this is probably someones home?Maybe they like it […]

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Do I see everything I need, or am I going completely blind. Notices the water I drink, from a glass, where everything else is left behind.If the alphabet is A-Z,whiche one of those will tell something about me?If looking at the letter A, while wondering which thoughts I must obey.Something has been said.I am going […]

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