Whatever respects with the law, is that after the fun is over, then should still go to sentencing area. . serious around – in a way?
Got to experience something but still it will have the consequences?!

Dark fate

The Terminator from old days, has grown a conscience over time. . experiences have provided reference points that together form
an different way of viewing reality, because it has become another; Seeing, experience, and understand ones reality better?!
Since it is more in line with what most people would have liked for us all?

“Now understand what I took from you. .”

The fact that something outside of us, which has an overview of our lives, can intervene in it – and, if unfriendly, – hostile; Then life is taken from than, in bits around past, handled by
who the fucks knows, AND with but who? With a privileged origin, so with the belief that actions, choices, lead to the circumstances of our lives. . that its treatment
stems from something that eagerly accomplishes its task, that it knows what it does and what it leads to?!

Where the series of actions too – the consequences than encounters – can also seem to be on attack!
Know what defends, other than filling the glass, clothes that heat, buttons that push things forward?
Then what is going on but should preferably acquire things. .

Terminators created to infiltrate AND annihilate everything still alive in us humans, half symbodies, whatever one is?! Asking why would be way to be similar to one of them. . Open it? Study!

Attitudes as if in their work, within the regulations, will be considered to be unacceptable behavior?! Norms with chance in the light, hidden, forgotten, exposed!
What desire for a crew that has no guidelines? Ceased. .

  • Yellow zone handling

In the yellow zone, matters should be resolved at the lowest possible level. This is not a violation
An Environmental Act. The main rule here is that the parties themselves are responsible for finding one
solution. If they do not want to do this, the nearest superior should become
involved, or it is possible to find a solution through dialogue with those involved. By
conflict at the foreign service involving the station manager, it will be the Ministry
who assists. The focus in the yellow zone is on finding a solution and not on placing blame.
Formal handling of the case should be avoided as in the red zone.

  • Red zone management

In the red zone, these are violations of the An Environmental Act, and such conflicts should always
is handled according to the following guidelines:
Assistance and roles
It is very important to understand both ones own role and to clarify this to the person
reports / notifies about a relationship and to the parties to a conflict.

  • Line manager

Line manager who becomes aware of harassment or other improper conduct
in their own area of responsibility, is responsible for stopping the relationship and handling the case
according to the guidelines. The line manager should continuously consider the need to –
Seek advice or other assistance from the inner voice or in themselves (speak it). In severe and / or complex conditions, the line manager could always apply

Something – would not. . Still if not troubled by the thing one has become then for nickels and dimes? Does love work, its just the only thing one should! Army can have things like that!? AND Whoever snitched upon ends up taking a walk.