May be expected; of course

Put in a car like younger. . Maybe 12-14 years? Crash almost like you! Said that, – it was best if it became me!? For Grandma took care of so many more! It happened it was difficult, – AND then she was always there.



What do rats do if you are in a cage? Rubbing, as far as with the teeth, AND facilitating any weak point. . Like an assistant professor! Fearless!? Take the helm; Keep in mind that the quest to do something hurt can completely remove the belief.



Often, when it hard to be happy, – is that you need most? Be lawe-d. . Shut the umbrella!? Flower for afella!



Get as far as can! Phew!? Then in the goal. . as far as possible.
Further on from here – there is a place after passing the test AND with an employer; The lawyer!


– witH A smilE

Let’s get wild
go to the place where all things are law
experience how everything is created by people,

  • with ends?!

Back to how things were at first
similar everyday life –
to the very first people
their dance?

Want everything to be different;
Anyway for me
chance –
other than faith. .

All other cannot –
thuss guessing together
sitting here
and wait!


The Key

Like a touch of God shaped intuitively in her belly, a new life was created this place we wonder how it came about – was there a consensus between the two of us, if only seen by one?
Because when were we against each other! There one thought, until the other can wander?!

More. . Eye contact where understanding can be difficult, how to look with both eyes up? Inexplicable or unreliable explanations of an existence which in itself is to cease – yet to meet; Seems it’s NOK?! AND being seen by you was like a shock!



One for each time;
At a; Time like this. .
The Poles?!
Wham bam, dam dam?!
Thank you – ma’am!
Does it taste particularly good with a grape; Mosquito or fly. .
Know will,
– the old man’s thin, bony shanks showed through his trousers?



Wish I was a vigilante
One that does not need
but still takes?

Wander long streets
along long walls
No mother
No father



From a rose petal
it fell
A daughter –
she really was everything

Of course a bit
But not life
What could – become

The ground held something
dearer than so –
There are enough words,
but how could understand?



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