“The best one can hope for, is to die in our sleep.”, variations of this, described by musicians? Sensitive creatures, touching all the tunez when composing a beat? But the best we can hope for, is to die with a stillness of the mind, having left behind the same as one has taken, moving through the univers without a trace, in awe over its creation. Brought to this world by someone that does not know how they themselves got here.
If ever walking where the dead is resting, then any circumstance, compared to being five feet under, is – , not of this world.
What action leading to death can be valued as a worthy act to commit? None, cause the afterlife promises nothing; We are, clueless about it. Off course we can read a scripture, book, from some religion, and believe; But still we cannot say to hold the rigth to know.

Parts of the creation. Our relationship to it, untouched by a human. Still the Pope considers some people, if part of particular groups, not in connection with God?

If it is true, then the Catholic Church, is no longer a holy place, that is accepting everyone into their embrace. If so, they are cooperating with a goverment, acting like a state; And then that will be the end of it. Religions as we know them, have done their part in this world. Made by humans, for humanity.

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