Get it DON

Someone I don’t envy. Police. Choose a section, any section. An area you want to work up to.
ØØØØØØØHHH! Fytti fuck hell! Satan! YES, no matter which theme, then stand up to the shit, every day, consider, examine, vomit, and the hell can’t do anything about it.
Yes. . . Maybe 1 or 2 cases are resolving, but the rest is ongoing.

Coming home. Can’t tell the shit to anyone. It’s too sick. It’s just too fucking. One must keep it to oneself, so that others can have a thought of life, that it is beautiful, wonderful, and naively wonderful 🍻
True, for. . The fact that the world has so many difficulties, admittedly gives a picture of how amazingly much we actually get doing, DON, despite how difficult it can be. That is true, so it does; But. .Who wants to argue?


ps : Well, damn it. Must remember their wages. It sucks.

IT is terrible! Even I would not go there. Would be burned out faster then the light of a candle.

GeExecept one department. The one that gives you what you need. What it requires. Healing the people, every last one.

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