No matter what one has DON, so whether people influenced, got time, put themselves into the situation, one would not always find, understanding, sympathy, for even the worst criminal?
It is said, “no sympathy for the devil”, some would disagree?
Maybe he or she cannot afford the luxury, but still. .



All nightmares, if I go through them long enough, then there will be a glimpse of paradise, if I just endure, but at first. . It is that way, one should go through the shadow of valley of death, if wanting to meet God with a glimpse of the eye? Because. . Life is like that anyway, so either stand in it or just have a nasty time.

The other way, accepting governance, and live the rest of our life in fear? Then when meeting God, telling that I did not do anything, but let the others handle it. . What is worst? The fear; Or the consequences?

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