The experience of life, if the pressure is enough, then it feels like injustice? Some fucker did something wrong, or the whole goddamn shit is fucked up. That is where demands are made, or else. . . who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of humanity? If able to reach a point where the injustice no longer prevails, then that is something one would want to preserved for future generations. If society exist, then that is that somewhere to put ones blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice; A place where it fits. Civilization is the effort of all generations before us, all hopefull thoughts, and those who fell and left behind nothing else.
If treated terrible, then justice can be pursued in unconventional ways, therefor feeling that the system, courts of law, institutions, does not give fair treatment; And in doing so, maybe creating several circumstances just like the one that felt terrible? Creating more of what one thought to be, somewhat. . . by laying pressure on the only thing capable of making it better.
Illegal, is always unethical. No questions asked.


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