Continents drawn with a ruler, as a kind of social experiment created by “white devils”, – are the places to seek, to gain knowledge about how to care for minorities within nations? Straight lines, across where the population resides and have created their culture, over several, possibly thousands of years.
Once upon a time with a few black people; Called them: “My niggas”. Therefore joking with people says something about the trust one feels, and for me who hear so much on rap music, the word did not seem like anything but a little teasing, but at the same time somewhat friendly. . . Call it what you want; Certainly if I enjoy myself with someone, then they get hugs in 2 different ways?
Asked them what word they had for white people, and the answer still lingers with me today because they said, “We have none.” They had none. Can say that there was nothing concrete? One question I can wonder for a long time, isn’t it?
I could feel. They could not. Today I agree. “Nigga”, is the only word I do not use. Except in sentences; But they are not mine. I do not own them. It is given to God, like everything was the same; For how can I know better?


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