Do I see everything I need, or am I going completely blind.
Notices the water I drink, from a glass, where everything else is left behind.
If the alphabet is A-Z,whiche one of those will tell something about me?
If looking at the letter A, while wondering which thoughts I must obey.
Something has been said.
I am going to paint this room completly red?
Every letter has a meaning, but what if none of it is real.
There is somekind of wound in me – I must heal!
Words flowing from a river that – has no stream!
I am not going to say it, but I want to scream.

It is not a dream.
Cream still taste like cream.
That is if I am not thinking about something else.
If I think about strawberry, then cream is also something else.
If I want to listen to music, then that is being played.

I have it all.
Watching solar system rise and fall?

What I cannot have; Is going back.
To where matter really mattered.
A place when life being something concrete.
Instead of feeling and thoughts being absolute.

Dissolved into nothingness.
Not a why me, or a why this;
But losing it all, like some kind of bliss?
What am I, and why was I made like this?!
Hehahaee. . . . Humanity nothing but a kiss.

Just a brief flake of time.
How can I make it all mine?
If only for a moment.
I just want to have everything.

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