Walk around in a country where there is peace,almost emptied for people, also with beautiful tones from the church bells. . . The landscape seems almost incredible, which is what it is. Next time I will be walking around as a homeless, there is free water in cemeteries, which can easily be found at a new town or village. . .
The church offers such beautiful premises, for the important meetings of people’s lives. One do not have such living rooms, so very nice that we can gather somewhere. Church institutions are there in a way, when it really matters.
Nevertheless, the number of members decreases quite drastically. While measurements say that only 42% of the church’s members, believe in God. The new ones who occupy the seats of the church’s many buildings, are foreigners who come to Norway and still have the old faith, that is, they are religious.
If one took a survey of the police leaders, 100% of them might believe in God, but also the rest of the Bible?2 things they must believe in, criminalization of intoxication, and what one is taught in the prayer houses, or promotions will not be given.

“Can I get a amen?”

Year 2050, is there not a church left? We can do that? 2100, all the memories are gone.
What we do not getm is transferring the properties that Christian associations own, to the state, as a refund for their subsidized activity. Christian associations own almost all property in Norway. Incredibly prosperous churches and communities? Where if anyone leave, the state takes on that bill and grants extra grants ,so that the church will never lose its foothold.

Anyone remember “fuck for forest”? They fucked on stage, to save the rain forest. How about a fuck, on “Trollpikken”, with the message, centered in the hearth, of real estate owned by the church, more then 1 churchbuilding for every third person.

“Where the fuck is our money?”

Let the world know, that we are a free people. The goverment normally works for the people, not the police, and by the love of God, we will, make it so again.

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